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Make a personalised financial plan, invest for long and short term goals, track your progress & learn as you go  - all in one account.

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Africas Pocket Testimonial
Africa's Pocket Testimonial
Africa's Pocket Testimonial

Personalised, goal based investing. Built for Africa.

Build an investment plan that fits like a glove

Set your goals
Know exactly how much to save every month to reach your goals. Adjust your financial plan based on your needs.
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Invest seamlessly
Decide how to allocate your investments across goals. Get reminders to stay consistent. Catch up easily when you miss payments.
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Track your progress
Get tips, lessons and advice as you build and adjust your financial plan - just as you need it. Understand the impact of your decisions as you make them.
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Learn as you go
Get tips, lessons and advice as you build and adjust your financial plan - just as you need it. Understand the impact of your decisions as you make them.
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Our mission is to make investing in Africa seamless, so you can stay consistent and have a smoother ride to your financial goals

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Get guidance on your financial plan and decisions before you make them. Spend less time wondering if you are doing the right thing & start doing it!


Understand how you are progressing towards your goal & know exactly where you stand. Catch up when you miss some payments & keep adjusting your plan to meet your needs.


Use convenient tools to keep track & invest like clock work every month. Say goodbye to starting ‘next month’ & actually stay on top of your investments.

Our mission is to make investing seamless, so you can stay consistent and have a smoother ride to your financial goals.

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Smart personalised investing

Convenient. Simple. Jargon Free.

Our Investment Strategy

Africa’s Pocket investing methodology is based on personalised goal based investing. We aim to match your goals to the appropriate mix of investment assets to get you there securely, rather than a one size fits all approach.

We prioritise investing in a wide range of secure African assets that include:

Cash (fixed deposits, money market funds)
Fixed Income (bonds, bills, commercial papers)
Single Stocks
Real estate (we mostly fund developers rather than buy physical properties)


The actual investment strategy is guided by Africa's Pocket SACCO’s Investment Policy.

It’s executed by the Management Committee which is made up of business and investment professionals with 30+ combined years of investing experience in Kenya and beyond.

It’s governed by a Supervisory Committee which is made up of investment and audit professionals who are independent of the SACCOs or Africa’s Pocket’s operations. 

The Management Committee meets once a quarter to adjust the investment strategy based on market conditions and is audited by the Supervisory Committee as well as an independent auditor once a year.

Our Philosophy

We believe that Africa is the future and as such, we invest in African assets and where possible, in African currencies.

We match the timeline of your goals to an appropriate mix of investment assets to get you there securely.

Our  first objective is  to maximise your return & compound interest earned (to make sure you achieve your goal on time) - and there after transition your investments into liquid assets so that you can easily withdraw when it's time for you to turn your goal into a reality.

And we're just getting started..

More features coming soon.
Multi-asset investing

Bonds, shares, real estate

Automatic deposits

Set it & forget it

Joint accounts

Invest with your partner or group

Track all your assets

even those on other platforms

Time is money... literally.

See what investing for the last few years would have done for you
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You would have
KES. 1,000,000.00

No hidden fees. Keep everything you earn.

Pay a one-time fee of just KES 6,000 to join and set up your financial plan. After that, pay a monthly maintenance fee of KES 1,000 (or KES 833 if you pay for a year at once).

Set your goals
Invest seamlessly
Track your progress
Optimise your plan
One-time account opening fee
Maintainence fee
Annually (2 months free)


This sounds really complex. How does it work?

What we do is (admittedly) complex, but your part is pretty easy.

Just tell us your goals, how much they cost and when you want to achieve them.

We'll tell you how much you need to save every month, match your goals to the investments that will get you there and help you seamlessly invest and keep up with your plan.

Your job is simply to stay true to the plan!

Where and how will you invest my money?

We only invest in highly vetted opportunities. We'll match your goals to a tailored portfolio.

For goals that are maturing in the next three months, we invest the funds in liquid assets like Money Market Funds & Fixed deposits.

For goals that are further out, we invest in long-term assets like government bonds, real estate and shares.

Is my money safe? (Do you have a license? Are you regulated?)

Africa's Pocket is licensed by the Ministry of Co-operatives. This allows us to collect funds from the public and invest on your behalf.

Additionally, we only work with licensed Asset Managers like Sanlam Asset Managers & Faida Investment Bank to make investments.

What happens when I want to withdraw my money?

It's your money, so you'll always have access to it.

We have two types of investments, short & long-term.

Short term funds are always available to you.

Long-term goals have a lock-in period depending on when your goals will come due.

This sounds expensive. Is it gonna cost a gazzilion dollars?

Not at all!

You’ll only have to pay a set-up fee of KES. 6,000, and after the first month, a maintenance fee of KES. 1,000/month  or KES. 10,000/year (2 months free)

How do I know what the return is?

The return of your portfolio is based on market conditions and the opportunities available.

With current market conditions we project returns of 11-11.5% p.a. for long-term goals and 8.5-9% p.a. for short term goals.

You can track your annualized return & absolute interest you’ve earned on your dashboard and in your detailed goals view.

We’ll also share our overall portfolio performance at the end of each financial year during our AGMs

How do I start?

Create an account & set. up your financial plan in 5 minutes.

It is extremely simple to begin! You don't need to know anything about finance or investing, and no preparation is required.

Just create an account, tell us your goals, how much they cost and when you want to achieve them, as well as your starting point (current income, savings, etc.).

We'll do the rest!


Your money is in safe hands

Create your free account in minutes and join the thousands of African investors.

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